Air Transportation is trendy more preferring option for transportation specially for the loads which have urgent schedules because of the advantage of time reducing specialty, and expanding plane fleets encounter to land, sea and railway transportations.

We are offering the most efficient solutions to special loads even with a urgent schedule. Thanks to our wide range of network in the sector and experienced team we are finding the optimum solution to complete your Project without and problem.


You can always find a suitable plane for air transportation even you have a little equipment to deliver or even you have planet to be transferred by a plane.

Specially to reduce the delivery terms and sensitive loads, you can always prefer air transportation or transportation by air in other words for the safest delivery. We can count those clauses as the specialties of air transportation. Also, transportation of a load with the maximum speed and safest way can be counted as the plain answer for the question of ‘’ what is air transportation?’’ Air way transportation is divided into sections according to load types. The expert teams of trustable companies operate according to the divisions.

Companies that Operate in the sector of Air Transportation

We are specially experienced in the field of industrial loads. We share our experience and network to offer you the safest way with minimum terms to be your solution partner. Our expert team is always on duty to offer you our solutions as one of the well-known and trustable companies in the sector in the field of industrial loads.

NETAŞ GLOBAL offers the air transportation services to deliver your loads with the most safe ways and with the shortest terms.