Sea Transportation has a share of 90% in our region, and 80% globally in transportation options. We offer you the most efficient solutions for the indispensable preference of transportation sector caused by the widest opportunities and safe operations advantages of sea transportation.

Thanks to our wide range of sector network and the strong relationship of suppliers we offer just in time solutions just according to our solution partners’ needs.

sea transportation

We can mention for long papers beginning with the container ships and barches going on with the answer of ‘what is breakbulk transportation?’’ to find a answer for the questions of ‘’What is sea transportation? But as a plain explanation, we can easily explain the sea transportation as it is the transportation type with the widest range of scope and safe options.

The most important specialty of sea transportation is the ability to deliver the loads to the final point or the nearest point to delivery address without endangering the load and without changing model, vehicle, container etc. Today it is possible to reach the final point by sea even in the countries without shores thanks to the barch transportations by rivers like Russia. For sure all projects needs to be operated by the suitable vehicles according to the geographic conditions.

Types Of Sea Transportation

We can divide the sea transportation into sections according to load types and also according to types of vessels that operate. Those are the major variants that determine the cost of the Project. Also one of the most important variant of cost is finding the optimum solution according to the load and geographic conditions which requires an expert team.

So we kindly offer you our perspective to find the most efficient and cost effective solution thanks to our know how and experience. You can be sure that you can hear many different solutions you didn’t occurred or operated before just like going to the north of Russia by sea.


The Companies that Operate in the sector of Sea Transportation

We are a one step further company thanks to our specialty of the ability of operating with breakbulk loads comparing the companies just operate in the fields of container transportation. We can also offer the optimum solutions for the partial loads regarding the load type and cost efficiency.

As NETAŞ GLOBAL, we offer door to door services for our customers thanks to our wide range of multinational and international agency network.

We ensure your load transportation’s safety thanks to our deep expertise and know-how.