Project Transportation

In the point of route and vehicle project transortation has less options than standart transportations it requires well planning of time and security and safety measures.
By the case to ensure the risks during the operations and to expand the service quality it would always be a better choices to work with experienced and inovative companies.

We as Netaş Global with the best cost analysis satisfying our customers and the self confidence obtained in Electric / Natural Gas power plant transportations, Generator transportations, Refinery transportations, Road construction machinery transportation, Factory transportations, Port / airport machinery and equipment transportation and many projects which require special loading situtation and spesific equipments ;

• By applying the most comprehensive occupational safety measures,
• By examining the route and the equipments on site and offering alternative option if required
• By checking the compliance of the operation for the enviromental and occupational prosedures
• By obtanining the needed permissions from local authorities
• By following the information flow between the operation team and our costumer sensitively and fastly

We will be waiting for your requests to be your solution partner in your project transportations.