Land Operations is one of the most preferred options of transportation. It is usually preferred because of the ease of operation and low costs. We leave you no question marks on your mind for your Project thanks to our approach as a whole for the Project and chase all regulations and local laws.

Our expert team is always on duty to offer you the solution and effective ways of land transportation by both our own vehicles and as a forwarder according to your route and load type.

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We owe our reputation of being one of the known companies in the field of heavy loading to uncountable completed industrial projects. We are known as the experienced and trustable logistics company thank to the projects we completed successfully.

You can easily take a look at our projects films full of beautiful memories of the projects that we gained this experience cooperation with the leader companies and bureaucrats of the many countries.

That films are also pointing that we are one of the leaders in the sector, loading the hardest and biggest projects like tanks, wagons, out of gauge projects, ultra-heavy loads, ADR authorized loads and many more.

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It is a fact that being a solution partner means to have the special know-how and network that special regions need. We successed to be the brand that is remembered on that area. We keep on sharing our experience on partial loading for Middle East and Iraq as an addition to our experience of special loads.

We are proud of being one of the most trustable and being of the companies with deep roots that operate partial loads.

Thank to our specialty of being forwarder and also the ability to operate with our own vehicles, we can always being able to offer the most trustable and efficient solutions for the cost advantaged and widespread transporting type.