The most important thing for the Project owners is delivering their products to the final point with the most efficient and safe ways. We are operating for finding the most efficient Project Plan examining and determining every variation regarding both safety and costs. Multimodal Project is advantageous for finding the combination of the safest routes and the match of cost-effective combination alternatives.

After you inform our expert team with the specialties of your Project, the best offer will be served to you regarding all route engineering and cost analysis for the most efficient solution.

You can also take a look at our informational brief about transportation models and types or you can easily call us by clicking to our contact page for all your questions, if you still have questions in your mind like, ‘’Is it necessary to use multimodal transportation?’’, ‘’What is the differences between intermodal and multimodal transportation?’’, ‘’what is the differences between combine transportation and intermodal transportation?’’

We will be happy to discuss about any Project and explain why the combination we offer is more efficient than the others.

To find the clear answer for the questions: ‘’what is multimodal transportation?’’; first we have to talk about the types of transportation. We divide transportation into 4 sections like land, sea, air and railway transportation.

The Companies Operating in the Sector of Multimodal Transportation

By that explanation we are being able to find the answer of the question ‘’What is Multimodal Transportation?’’ We name it unimodal if only one type of these transportation is used. We are going to find the answer for the question of ‘’what is combine transportation’’, if we are using some of these transportation types together just in a Project.

As the path showed the way; if we use all types of transportation for just a special Project that is called multimodal transportation. Just as a note; if during any container change does not occur during this kind of Project transportation, the explanation becomes the answer for: ‘’ what is intermodal transportation?’’.