Thanks to our own wide ranged and various vehicle park and the experience of being the forwarder for many years, we offer the most efficient solutions for each Project.

We became one of the leading companies not only in Turkey but also globally operating in the sector of international heavy transportation thanks to our successfully completed projects.

We name the transportation of loads excluding the standards because they have more than a weight and dimensions as Heavy Transportation to answer the questions that we face frequently like  ‘What is heavy weight?’’, ‘’What is heavy transportation?’’, ‘’Which loads are accepted as heavy loads?

The Heavy Transport companies must determine what kind of trailers are going to be used according to updated laws and regulations. You can always ask our help to find the most efficient route, vehicle, equipment and team to find the right solution. Our expert team will be enjoyingly on duty offering you solutions.

It is the time for route engineering when a load is determined as a heavy load. Those kinds of loads can only be carried by special vehicles like lowbeds. Examining the route and the specialties of the loads are the only way to determine the needed capacity and type of vehicles to find the most efficient solution because the vehicles differs according to their specialties and working areas which are major clauses of costs and pricing.

The Companies that Operate in the Sector of Heavy Transportation

It is a must to operate with the right vehicles, equipments and an expert team to ensure the safety and applicability of the Project when we are talking about a Project which will be operated by lowbeds because of their weight and dimension specifications. How ever a trailer is strong it cannot operate a Project which need a wafer-deck trailer.

So it is a must for a transportation company to determine the all needs of the projects like not only the weight but the trailer type etc. and also need to have a deep know how and experience about the laws and the regulations


It is not possible to expect the Project owners know and chase the routes, laws, regulations etc. It is the exact duty and capability of heavy load transportation companies to have that kind of know-how and experience. Project owners must choose their suppliers regarding the specialties of the transporter companies to have peace in mind about their projects and the informations about the clauses that are mentioned.

We offer you to take a look at our Project films to enjoy the many heavy load transportation projects like construction and many more successfully completed.